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Cuban Salsa Instructor Galina Turker

Galina learnt to dance Salsa & other latin streetdance styles including ChaChaCha, Son, Rueda, Bachata, Merengue & Cumbia whilst living in London. Although she learnt to dance from the age of 4, her passion for Salsa started 20 years ago, and she decided to start teaching when she came to Australia in 2002. Teaching dancing is her main occupation and she still attends professional workshops to extend and improve her dance skills and abilities.

In 2012 she spent a month on a study trip to CUBA, where she expanded her dance repertoire and experience. In order to introduce Salsa to as wide an audience as possible, she has trained a team of very capable assistant teachers to help at classes, and teach in her absence. 

Since being awarded a dance scholarship in 1985/6, she has taught & performed various dance genres including Egyptian Raqs Sharqi (Middle Eastern Dance), East European Dance (specialising in Balkan), & Bollywood.

She has performed to a high standard in various countries around the world including London UK, El Salvador, Spain, Bulgaria and since moving here, Australia.

She occasionally offers courses in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi (Soul Expression), having studied with Suraya Hilal in London for 15 years.

"Latin music calls my soul to dance and I love sharing the joy with others. I focus on teaching Cuban Salsa and Rueda for social enjoyment".


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